9 tips on choosing a plastic surgeon

Use recommendations

Begin by seeking recommendations from your doctor, friends, families, other healthcare givers. Research on the doctors’ experience and previous patient testimonials. As you evaluate your list of recommended plastic surgeons call each of their offices and inquire if they are receiving new patients. If they are booking a consulting appointment to meet the plastic surgeons

Investigate the plastic surgeon testimonials

The principal factor when choosing a Plastic Surgeon is board certification. It highlights whether the doctor has the skills, experience, training to perform plastic surgery.

Experience of the plastic surgeon

The more experienced a plastic surgeon is with a procedure, the better his/her results will be. Experience helps a plastic surgeon avoid complications and easily recognize them when they occur. Inquire how many procedures of your interest has the plastic surgeon performed before and how were the results.

Contemplate the gender of the plastic surgeon

The gender of the plastic surgeon is a principal factor. You have to be at ease with the gender of your plastic surgeon since there will be a need for you to be able to discuss openly sensitive personal information.

Investigate the hospitals quality

Contemplate the hospital’s quality at which the plastic surgeon is at since the plastic surgeon is at the hospital the procedure will take place. Hospitals that are high-rated by their patients have low complications and high survival rates.

Find out what your insurance covers

It is important to know your insurance coverage. For you to benefit more from your insurance cover and spend less of your pocket cash, you will need to find a plastic surgeon and hospital that practices in your plan.

Analyze patients reviews

Taking your time to find out how patients who have been served by the plastic surgeon you have selected or hospital is important. It helps you know how much their patients trust them, office staff friendliness, office environment, scheduling appointments. You also get to find out the experience of other patients who have undergone the procedure before.

Assess the communication style

Having a plastic surgeon whom you are comfortable giving your information to and talking to is of great importance. Having a plastic surgeon who responds well in detail to your every question should be a priority. The plastic surgeon should be in a position to help you understand all the pons and cons of the procedure, the requirements needed for the procedure to take place, and what should be done as preparation for the procedure. It is good to get a plastic surgeon who will respect your decision-making process.


When considering a plastic surgeon it is important to choose one with exceptional results. This gives you confidence in the surgeon and undergoing the procedure.

In closing, if you carefully consider the above tips you are guaranteed a good plastic surgeon.