Plastic surgery is good but bad also. Apply only where it’s a necessity


Plastic surgery refers to transferring of a tissue in order to repair parts of the body. It may be done for cosmetic purposes or treating of an injury. The body is reconstructed or altered in order to put it in the desired form. In this study I will be able to discuss different types, physical benefits, psychological benefits, effects and risks relating to this topic. 

Types of Plastic Surgery 


This is a plastic surgery whereby the doctor removes excess fat in your face so as to make the facial muscles tight, stretch the facial skin to make it smoother and give you a firm facial appearance. The best patients for this type of surgery are those whose faces have begun to sag and the skin is still elastic. It may be applied on the face, neck or both depending with the patient’s problem. 

Forehead Lift 

The surgeon removes excess fat and skin and tightens the muscles of the patient in the forehead area. It’s done in relation with facelift so as to make your face smoother. 

Eyelid Surgery 

The shape and tone of the eyelids may become loose and sag after sometime. In this case, an eyelid lift can be applied. The surgeon reduces the fat, muscle and skin so as to bring back the real shape of the eye. 

Ear Pinning 

Surgery corrects ear lop, cupped ear, shell ear, big earlobes, lobes with big creases and wrinkles, built ears for those who don’t have any or one. 

Hair Replacement Surgery 

Hair loss through hormonal changes like menopause can be replaced through this surgery. The only place where it’s not applicable is where there is total baldness. 

Nasal Surgery 

It’s done on the outside or inside of the nose. Nasal disorder is caused by anatomic and functional problems which can interfere with airflow. Nasal surgery is done to improve the airway of the nose. Also, the same surgery can be done to reshape the nose which is deformed. 


Others like breasts reconstruction where breasts are enlarged or reduced according to the patients need, mouth and teeth surgery, abdomen surgery, skin, cleft lip and cleft palate surgery and others. 

Physical Benefits 

Plastic surgery helps those who have physical deformities. For instance, patient’s mastectomy, children who are born with a cleft lip and those individuals having scarring. It’s also beneficial to some individuals whose specific body parts have problems and need to be rectified.  

It makes an individual to be more beautiful and handsome.Everyone would want to associate with them because of the good appearance. 

Psychological Benefits 

It gives an individual high self esteem because he feels whatever was giving him hard time and stress is sorted.They get confidence in themselves and can easily mingle and associate with others. 


It helps people to enjoy lives and be more productive. By raising their self esteem it makes them be more confident in themselves have courage to take chances they wouldn’t take before the surgery. They get to live a normal life just like any other person would.  


There is a risk of using a wrong doctor. The doctor may not be professionally certified hence this may risk the patient’s life and deteriorate his entire life.The unqualified doctor may make the client worse than he was before. 

It may lead to complications, blood clots, temporary paralysis, abnormal heart rhythm and others. 


Plastic surgery has to be considered with a lot of caution. Anyone who would like to apply any has to choose with wisdom and also consider his doctor. If it’s not so needful leave it. Stay natural. 

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